“Where were you?!” – The Question of 2016

First, I want every person reading to know that I was nervously laughing my way through this post when I first wrote it.

So long story short, I didn’t realize how much of an impact 2016 year was going to have on me emotionally. Some may find it to be an excuse, some may accept my reasons. I’ve essentially been gone for a long time in my head, and I was on this mental vacation trying to figure out how to come back ‘home’.

Well, I feel like I’ve made it back. Literally, every aspect of my life was going through major transitions, and they still are. The only difference is that I am in a better position to handle what is happening on a regular basis and am ready to socialize again.

So… “Hi.”


While I was floating around from January ’16 onwards, in April ’16 I was asked to do a guest post on a pretty awesome self help blog: The EFÉecttive Times.

I talk about my perspective on healing, at the time, and if you’re interested in what I had to say, you can check it out here! Of course, do view the rest of Caterina Efé’s awesome blogspot. She has a unique perspective, and is open to discussions about the mental health of our societies.

❤ Mayen


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