pic-wattpadMayen is an amateur storyteller that is addicted to Wattpad and is finding it strange to write about herself in third-person. So, she… excuse me… I’ll switch to a more comfortable perspective.

Like many others, storytelling had been a big part of my youth. Being spoiled by oral fables and fairytales from family and friends, they easily contributed to this reckless mind of mine. However, when I was officially diagnosed as a Lupus patient, at age 12, the many life-threatening scenarios cut off my desires to care for any worlds made in fiction. Yet, such a strong imagination couldn’t be suffocated for too long and forced me to realize that life is too short to hold myself back from any happiness– self-expression. Letting my imagination run wild always made me happy and it lead to me finding the courage to upload my first work on Wattpad in 2011.

A little more about me:

I’m Nigerian-American.

I’m obsessed with podcasts.

I unabashedly shed a thug tear– or two– over the release of any remastered, classic video game on a new console.

I would like to publish my first book after concluding graduate school.


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