Do You Love Her?

*post can also be found here* While progression seeps into the minds of the youth, there are plenty of indoctrinated practices that forces progress to tarry with regression. We dwell in societies that instill fear to create order. In one of my stories, I wrote about a mother who struggled with the idea of keeping... Continue Reading →


“Where were you?!” – The Question of 2016

First, I want every person reading to know that I was nervously laughing my way through this post when I first wrote it. So long story short, I didn't realize how much of an impact 2016 year was going to have on me emotionally. Some may find it to be an excuse, some may accept... Continue Reading →

Chrysalis: Stage 2

This post is about what I learned over the last three years and the importance of the messages in "Fade". Fade is about relationships– the relationships outside of Ada and Ezra. Of course, these two main characters are the focal point of the story; but, if you've read any of my previous works, I never... Continue Reading →

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